Maximizing human developmental

Folkhälsan Research Center

Folkhälsan Research Center

University of Helsinki

PO Box 20


Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Johan Eriksson

Phone number: +35 840 501 659 5

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Project Staff

Dr. Tuija Mikkola

Phone number: +35 844 488 304 5

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Institute presentation

The Folkhälsan Research Center focuses on biomedical and health science research. Folkhälsan is operating within the third sector with special areas of interest being health and well-being of children and elderly people. Folkhälsan is running several homes for elderly people around Finland.

The main research programs operate in Folkhälsan owned premises in Biomedicum Helsinki on the Meilahti campus of the University of Helsinki (UH). Collaboration between UH and Folkhälsan is excellent. The number of scientists and other personnel affiliated with the Center is about 200.

Our research team has excellent clinical facilities available for research as well as experienced personnel working in research for over 20 years.