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University of Western Australia

Telethon Institute for Child Health Research - University of Western Australia

Telethon Kids Institute

100 Roberts Road
6008, Subiaco


Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Rae-Chi Huang

Phone number: +61 8 948 977 53

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Project Staff

Prof. Dr. Graham Hall

Phone number: +61 8 948 978 16

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Dr. Ashleigh Lin

Phone number: +61 8 948 977 72

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Jennie Carson

Data Manager

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Institute presentation

The Telethon Kids Institute is one of the largest, and most successful medical research institutes in Australia, comprising a dedicated and diverse team of more than 500 staff and students.

Established in 1990 by Founding Director Professor Fiona Stanley, the Institute was among the first to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to major health issues: clinical research, laboratory sciences and epidemiologists all under the one roof, to tackle complex diseases and issues in a number of ways. Research at Telethon Kids is grouped around four Research Focus Areas:

  • Aboriginal Health
  • Brain & Behaviour
  • Chronic Diseases of Childhood
  • Early Environment

Located in Subiaco, Western Australia, Telethon Kids has strong affiliations with Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and all the major Western Australian universities, particularly The University of Western Australia.

Telethon Kids is independent and not-for-profit. The majority of funding comes from our success in winning competitive research grants from Federal Government bodies such as the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Australian Research Council. We have also received a number of grants from the US National Institutes of Health.

The Western Australian State Government provides valuable support through the Medical and Health Research Infrastructure Fund and the Centre of Excellence Program in the Office of Science.