Maximizing human developmental

Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for the effective day-to-day management of The LifeCycle Project and is composed of the project coordinator Professor Vincent Jaddoe, the project manager, Sylvie van den Assum. The Management Team will be the primary contact for the European Commission and will manage the administrative, ethical, financial and legal matters for the project. The project is managed by the project coordinator and project manager in collaboration with the Erasmus MC LifeCycle team including Arjan Breederland, Dr. Liesbeth Duijts, Dr. Janine Felix and Florianne Vehmeijer.

Prof. Vincent Jaddoe, Coordinator
Prof Dr. Vincent Jaddoe is the coordinator of the LifeCycle Project. He is responsible for the overall scientific progress of the project, the quality of the results and the timely submission of all required documents and reports to the European Commission.

Sylvie van den Assum, Project manager
Sylvie van den Assum will assist the coordinator in all daily matters regarding the LifeCycle Project.