Analysis Server


We have chosen a central analysis server (central setup) of R-Studio to facilitate a central R-environment to do DataSHIELD analyses on. The reason we have setup the infrastructure this way is because of security, reproducibility of research environments, a way to share analysis easily and have some version control on the analysis-scripts.


We rather do not expose servers which contain data directly to the internet. The DataSHIELD network is now secured in 2 layers. One is the firewall between the Opal instances and the analyses server and the other one is between the central analysis server and the different research-facilities where research perform there analysis. Everyone who wants access to the central analysis server has to do a request for opening up the firewall to their facility or specific workstation (if needed).


Because the wide availability of R-packages and other tooling we wanted to have a shared analysis environment. The idea is that all work spaces in the central-analysis-server are the same. If researchers want to use a new R-package it should be installed globally so everyone can work with it.

Sharing analysis and version control

R-Studio is fully integrated with Git (version control) and a central place where we can work on our meta analysis. In Git you are able to work with each other on one or more research projects

This is, in short, how we have setup the environment and what choices where made to facilitate the researchers as much as possible.

Gain access to the environment

You can access the central analysis server by clicking here ( If you are a researcher or scientist and want to have access to the environment, please do not hesitate to contact Sido Haakma from UMCG (