Maximizing human developmental

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of recognized experts from the public and private sector and from various disciplines. It monitors the scientific progress of the project, providing comments and advising the General Assembly and the Executive Board on the go/no go decisions of the project and on any other issues if required.

The Scientific Advisory Board will specifically be consulted on innovation management and on ethical issues through the independent ethics expert. The board members attend the project meetings and have full (and confidential) access to the project documentation.

Five renowned experts from the relevant scientific fields of LifeCycle have agreed to be part of the Scientific Advisory Board. They cover the key research areas coming together in this project.

Scientific Advisory Board

Michelle Williams, Chair

Dean, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Angelopoulos
Professor in Public Health and International Development

Alena Buyx, Ethics

Professor of Ethics in Medicine and Health Technologies
School of Medicine, technical University Munich

Tom Bishop, Bioinformatics

Senior Data Scientist at MRC Epidemiology Unit,
University of Cambridge,
School of Clinical Medicine

Albert Hofman

Stephen B. Kay Family Professor of Public Health and
Clinical Epidemiology
Chair, Department of Epidemiology Harvard T.H. Chan
School of Public Health

Ken Ong

Professor, Honorary consultant pediatric endocrinologist and
clinical lead for childhood obesity at the Cambridge University
Hospitals NHS Trust

Leonardo Trasande

Professor in pediatrics, environmental medicine,
and population health at the NYU
Grossman School of Medicine

Marijn Vermeulen

Pediatrician –Neonatologist
Sophia Children’s Hospital
Board Member Care4Neo
Patient/parent representative