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Launch of new Open Access Module – sign up now

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Open Access Module “Epidemiology: the importance of study types and confounding”. Learn fundamental knowledge of different types of applied epidemiology as well as the concepts of confounding and time-varying confounding. Sign up here.

3 September 2021: Deadline for applications extended until 20 September!

Deadline extended: Applications by LifeCycle junior researchers are accepted until 20 September 2021. The secondment at one of LifeCycle’s partner institutions can be of any length but has to be completed within the duration of the project. Check your email inbox for details!.

2 July 2020: New LifeCycle publication accepted at Eur J Epidemiol!

Our LifeCycle -EU Child Cohort paper has been accepted by the European Journal of Epidemiology. Congrats to all authors! You can access the publication here.

7th General Assembly Meeting, 21-23 April 2020 – REMOTE!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have to cancel the next General Assembly Meeting, planned in Turin, April 2020. We will replace this physical meeting with a remote, shorter TC / Zoom / Skype meeting on the same dates. Detailed information will follow by email.

LifeCycle YouTube Channel established

The LifeCycle YouTube Channel is online now. Please go to our LifeCycle YouTube Channel for instructional videos on importing and uploading data, creating branches, and submitting pull requests on Github. Another video has been uploaded on how to upgrade DataSHIELD serverside packages.

6th GA Meeting (Bristol, UK, 27-29November 2019)

The 6th GA Meeting took place in Bristol, UK, from 27-29 November 2019. The programme and presentations can be downloaded from the LifeCycle intranet. A big thanks goes out to Debbie Lawlor and her team for organizing a wonderful meeting!

New LifeCycle publication

What is the association of gestational weight gain (across a range of prepregnancy weights) with maternal and infant outcomes? The LifeCycle Project-Maternal Obesity and Childhood Outcomes Study Group just published a new article in JAMA on this topic!

5th GA Meeting (Copenhagen, Denmark, 26-29 May 2019)

The 5th GA Meeting, including a vibrant panel discussion on policy making and a methods workshop, took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 27-29 May 2019. Almost half way into the project & so much data already. The programme and presentations can be downloaded from the LifeCycle intranet. A big thanks goes out to Anne-Marie and Line for organizing a wonderful meeting, we hope the certificate shows our gratitude!

May 2019: Article about LifeCycle’s results in major German online magazine “SPIEGEL ONLINE”

Click here or on the image below to access and read the article recently published in SPIEGEL ONLINE (article in German). It describes how the figure and health of the mother prior to a pregnancy is much more indicative of the future health of mother and baby than the amount of weight gained during the pregnancy itself.

March 2019: What we just learned about asthma and COPD in children and across the lifespan

Two of LifeCycle’s most recent papers shed light on DNA methylation at birth as a contributing epigenetic factor in the development of childhood asthma, and on the general risk of asthmatic disease and COPD over the life course. Don’t forget to check our publications-page frequently!

February 2019: New high-impact publications on childhood obesity and a low-frequency genetic variation!

LifeCycle recently published two new peer-reviewed manuscripts in high-impact journals: One is a meta-analysis in PLOS Medicine on the effects of maternal body mass index (BMI) and gestational weight gain on childhood obesity, the other one presents a low-frequency genetic variation in TP53 and its remarkable effects on head circumference and intracranial volume in Nature Communications! Don’t forget to check our publications-page frequently!

November 2018: New Project

Gestational weight gain charts for women in different pre-pregnancy body mass index groups of women in Europe, North America and Oceania enable identification of women and offspring at risk for adverse health outcome.

4th GA Meeting (Barcelona, Spain, 22-24 October 2018)

The 4th General Assembly Meeting took place in Barcelona, Spain, from 22-23 October 2018, immediately followed by a workshop on longitudinal modelling on October 24th. We are very grateful to have had the support of the local organising committee, led by Martine and Jordi. See their smiles below for receiving the LifeCycle certificate. The presentations can be downloaded from the LifeCycle intranet!

The LifeCycle video is online!

11 June 2018: Have a look, and feel free to share the LifeCycle video.

3rd GA Meeting (Oulu, Finland, 11-12 June 2018)

The 3rd General Assembly Meeting took place in Oulu, Finland, from 11-12 June 2018.  Thanks so much for your hospitality and great local organisation of the meeting, Sylvain and Marjo-Riitta,  the LifeCycle certificate is well-deserved! The meeting programme can be downloaded from the LifeCycle intranet!

Call for Fellowship Proposals – Deadline 1 June 2018

If you are a PhD student or postdoc working for one of the LifeCycle partners and would like to gain experience working at another location for another LifeCycle partner, please sumbit your application now! Details on how to apply can be found on the intranet (Files => Work Packages => WP11 => Fellowships). Log in here. Deadline for submission of the proposal is 1 June 2018.

The LifeCycle Project kicks off! – April 2017

The EU Horizon 2020 funded LifeCycle Project was launched on April 3rd 2017 at the Erasmus MC -University Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Read more.